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angelo vargas

Dear Dr. Davies
I have followed the scientific odissey and still look forward to hearing each new episode.
I thank you for your efforts, it must be both demanding and gratifying to propose a history of science.
I have wanted to post a comment ever since I discovered your podcast, more than one year ago, but I am only doing it now.
I am a chemist, have worked for a long time in research, I have read many books on the history of science, but your podcasts always gives me some new insight, some new element, some new point of view.
I believe many like me enjoy the show and maybe never actually manage to post a comment and a thank you, bear with us, I guess we take you for granted at some point, but I am sure all your listeners are grateful as I am.
Another thing we have in common apart from the passion for the sciences, I am also a passionate cyclist, and I do hope you can still enjoy biking after your terrible accident.
So thank you and all the best from Switzerland.
Angelo Vargas

Dr. Chad Davies


Thanks for your kind words! The podcast is a lot of work but I enjoy it tremendously. I'm glad you're enjoying the show and it's great to have you as a part of the crew.

Keep the rubber side down on your rides and send me a photo from your adventures from time to time if you're so inclined.

Full Sails!


I have enjoyed this episode (and many others) very much. Your podcast gives science a new prospective and inspires us. Thank you very much.

The Navigator

Erez, Thanks so much for your kind words. Great to have you as a part of the crew!

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